Our life in the Natal Midlands was almost idyllic; surrounded by natural bush, mountains and open spaces, we loved every moment. But the thorn in our side was the ever stressful and worsening political situation. Our only child, a beautiful and happy 6-year-old daughter was the focus of our lives, and with her in mind, as well as ours, we began to look for alternatives to our current situation. 

Canada, Europe, New Zealand…we put them all into the pot, and worked through each possibility. England offered little inspiration, a meeting with a Canadian immigration agent left us hopeless, but a discussion with a very particular lady called Dom left us excited and hopeful. Her clear interpretation of requirements, honest break-down of costs, and rigorous vetting process left little doubt in our minds. We were going to do everything we could to get to the land of Milk & Honey; New Zealand’s shores beckoned.


Our journey from that initial Skype meeting to receiving our Residency visa in New Zealand took a total of 1267 days from start to completion. When viewed as a total one fails to truly grasp how horrendous some of those days were, how victorious others were; the many highs and lows can never be transmitted in that number. 

The one constant though was Dom and her team. We could never have undergone the journey without Dom’s clear guidance and her unwavering commitment to achieving our goal of residency.


The challenges:

We came out for a 3-month look-see, loved what we saw and the people we met. Louis was really fortunate to get a job offer and voila, it seemed that everything was about to slot into place. We returned to South Africa to work through the mountain of paper work, including letters of reference and tax and police clearances and so on. We waited for the work visas, and once we had those in place we sold up, packed up and said good-bye to friends and family. 

We arrived back in NZ on 2 September 2019, ready for our new lives, hopeful and optimistic. Little did we know.

Louis met with his new boss and was given the news that would shatter everything, leave us both scrabbling to find a new solution. Dom kept a clear head and guided us through the pitfalls until everything was resolved, if ever there was a time to give up hope, that was it.

But going back to South Africa on that “homeward bound” train was not an option for us.


With some stability back in our lives we embarked on the requisite stages towards residency from the English exam, converting qualifications to filing the expression of interest and then the waiting game. Along the way Covid hit and everything came to a grinding halt… 

When life started up again, despite barely surviving on a single salary, and very difficult work life, Dom’s sane voice of reason was always in the back-ground; don’t give up, stay the course, persevere, keep focused, you can’t rush, it takes as long as it takes. She always reminded us that we had got this far, and if we kept our focus we would get to the finish line. 


The final hurdle was just as we reached the finish line; INZ requested docs that were not in the initial requirements. It was a curveball we did not expect and it took monumental efforts to gain, but once again, with Dom and Laetitia in the driving seat we stayed the course. Everything was submitted on time, signed by the justice of the peace, (who, on a Friday afternoon, my husband had to track down, knock on his front door and beg him to sign). 

We were granted residency on 21st May 2021 – it felt unbelievable when Dom called to tell us. I, personally had been expecting the worst. We thank our lucky stars every day that we got onto this journey with Dom and Laetitia. Her integrity shone through in all her undertakings, as did her seemingly endless supply of energy to just keep going.


We have her and her team to thank for our residency, 100%, without doubt.

If in doubt, keep going.


- The Bolton Family 



Our family would just really like to thank Dominique and Leticia from Auckland Immigration Services Ltd. Today marks a very special day for us, we received our New Zealand Residence Visas.

This dream took us a while to accomplish but alongside Dominique and her staff it became a reality. Our road was full of obstacles with Dominique and the crew of Auckland Immigration Services we persevered and pushed through what seemed like a never ending battle.

Thank you for your support guys, you truly went over and beyond what we could have asked for. You made this journey easier on so many levels. Thank you so much!!!


Nico, Nicolene and Logan Hoffman. 



Dear Dominique and Team.

I just wanted to write and give you a personal thank you from Andrea and myself for the work you have done to get Andrea her Permanent Residency Visa.

I know it’s not been easy as we had no real set date in mind as to when we would be coming out to New Zealand as we needed to wait to sell our business here in Thailand before we made the move and then of course with the global pandemic that occurred during this whole process made it even more of an unknown schedule.

Providing you with all the relevant documents that were required for our application as well made this an extremely challenging endeavor on your behalf as a lot of what was required was unobtainable here in Thailand so again I really want to thank you for all that you did for us and the professionalism with which you dealt with everything.

You were immediately in touch whenever needed and extremely responsive every time we had a query. It made the situation for us very manageable as we knew exactly what was happening and needed to happen every step of the way.

I wish you and your company every success and if there is anything I can do to help promote your services to others in need of immigration advice I would be more than happy to offer a glowing referral.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and thank you one last time for your extreme competency, professionalism and service, throughout this whole process.


Yours sincerely, 

Jim & Andrea Donaldson.




The team at Auckland Immigration Services has been remarkable. Both Dominique and Laetetia always went the extra mile for us. Our questions and concerns were always dealt with immediately and we were always kept up to date with the latest developments.

We highly recommend using the AKL Immigration team as an immigration agent who can be trusted.  Thank you so much for making this journey easier and helping us to become New Zealand residents.

The Senekal family



I would recommend AIS to anyone that wants to make the move to New Zealand. 

We started our process back in September 2019 and worked with Dom to secure our work visas, she is amazing in what she does, she talked us through the whole process and kept us updated as it progressed.  We received our visas at the start of December and this was all made possible by AIS and Dom. Prior to our arrival in January 2020, Dom gave us a lot of information that helped us get all the important bits sorted in NZ before we arrived.

We settled in quite well and started the process for residency at the end of February, Covid knocked the world off its feet and the process was paused for a few months. Once the lockdown ended Dom submitted our application to INZ. We got a case officer assigned in July, had some extra documents we needed to submit and boom...SMC residency approved in September 2020. Dom kept us up to date during the whole process from start to covid to finish.

We are grateful that we had AIS and Dom throughout the entire process helping us make this move possible. I would recommend them far and wide.

Dom...thank you for everything. You made the process much easier and a lot less stressful.


Wilmari and Wilter


They say that moving country is one of the hardest and most stressful things you can do! As a middle aged single woman, I decided that it was time for a huge life change and decided it was keen to try living in another country! Adventure with a capital A!.

My requirements were that it needed to be a first world country, English speaking and welcome my dogs (fur-kids). Basically pulling a country out of a hat, New Zealand become the destination of choice. I had never been here, nor had any friends or family here but “hey I was going on an adventure, how scary could it have been?”

Thanks to the carriage of Google-search, my Fairy Godmothers appeared in the form of Dominique and Laetetia from Auckland Immigration. They were too busy to help me that year (2018) but were super happy to have a 30 minute phone chat, over an 11 hour time difference, to offer advice, answer questions and possibly recommend another agent who may have been able to help.

As it turned out, I was only wanting to leave South Africa in 2019 and with that they were able to take on my case. Lucky lucky me!

All I can say is that thanks to this dynamic team of kind, warm and amazing women, this was an easy and pain-free transition.

They must have gone over and above any of the requirements of immigration agents on every turn. The words of encouragement, advice on how to get about, writing up my CV (I had been self employed for 20 years), support and super speedy service and understanding as to what is required to make this move. Most importantly, they understood the importance of my little fur-family.

So as a single woman I sold my business, house and worldly possessions and started on my adventure to New Zealand with my 2 furballs. In less than 2 months I received a job offer in an amazing company, the dogs arrived a couple moths after that and we have moved to one of the most beautiful towns, Tauranga (though I think they are all pretty beautiful).

People often comment that I have been so brave, I comment that it is easy being brave when you have 2 amazing fairy godmothers (aka immigration agents) waving their magic wands and helping dreams come true!!!!


There are no words to explain the gratitude I have for this amazing team, I am reminded everyday in my beautiful new home as to just how blessed I have been to meet them!


- Alexandra Asman


Dom was absolutely fantastic in assisting me to get my Residency as well as getting a variation of condition Visa. She stayed in touch all the time and always called with good news. She is always available for you with questions and is super friendly on the phone. She felt more like family.

Thank you Dom and your amazing team for helping me this far!



As an employer, we have just been through the immigration process for the first time after meeting and offering a role to a fantastic candidate relocating from South Africa.

The team at AKL Immigration made the process absolutely seamless. They were equally as supportive to the candidate as they were to us as an employer. They talked us through the process and was there to help every step of the way making the process effortless. For someone that had never been through this process before and expected a rigmarole, the team certainly put any concerns to rest.


I can't recommend them enough!


Amanda Basher

Managing Director- Boutique Beauty Brands


The decision to immigrate was not an easy one. Having to move 14 000 km away from your family, friends and everything that is familiar to you, was extremely overwhelming. Having two young kids also made it tough. We have reached our 1 year anniversary in NZ and we could not be happier. NZ is a fantastic place for children to grow up and it has much to offer.

Domonique has been fantastic with the whole process, from making sure that our minds are set on making the move, reassuring us that we are doing the right thing, giving advice and tips, answering 1000's of questions and guiding us through every step of the process. We did not have to stress about any part of the whole visa application process and this has helped a lot (especially with a newborn!). We are looking forward to working towards our residency application and our minds are at ease as we know Domonique has a plan for us and that she is doing her best to keep our little family here.

A special thank you for everything that you have done so far and everything that you are planning to do in future to secure our happiness in NZ! We would recommend you to anyone who is considering making the move to Kiwi land.


The Urquhart family



The decision to move across the world is not an easy one.  Many people try to discourage you and scare you into staying, because they themselves could never do it.  Our experience is one that many share.  We started our process with a company, did the first consultation, paid the money and never heard from them again, despite numerous emails and trying to get in contact we were unsuccessful.  This made us hesitant to try another agency as we did not want to burn our fingers again.  We did our homework on other immigration agencies, but were very anxious, so much so that we planned to rather do the process ourselves.  No matter how daunting. 

Then while chatting to our recruiter she mentioned Auckland Immigration Services and said we should really consider contacting them.  After much thought and going back and forth we decided to arrange a chat with Domonique.  After chatting for over an hour with her, we were sold!!  Domonique was so forth coming with information, answered all our questions, and treated us like friends rather than a client.  Over the next few months, she walked alongside us, she never left us to do anything ourselves and guided us every step of the way.  At one stage we had found ourselves in a sticky situation and weren’t sure what to do, Domonique helped us make the best decision for our family.

Now we’re here, loving our new life.  We often get asked if we used an agency and if we had to do it again, would we rather do it ourselves?  And every time the answer is the same!!  As long as Domonique is in this business, we will remain loyal to her, as she was the stepping stone that changed our lives and helped us get here.

Domonique and her team are worth their weight in gold, and we consider ourselves lucky to have her in our corner.

Love The Visser Village


We started our journey with Dom in 2017. With her assistance and expertise, we had high hopes of securing our dream, which was to move our family to New Zealand from South Africa. We had a skype call with Dom to go over our CV's and work history. She then did a thorough assessment of our skills and gave us our visa options. 

Our process felt like a marathon and Dom was with us every step of the way. She was proactive approaching recruitment agencies on our behalf. She was supportive when it came to potential job leads and also when we had a hiccup with our medicals. Dom has always remained calm, determined and willing to help us see our dream come true!

Huge thanks to Dom and her team for everything. We are loving New Zealand!

- The Fuini Family


Dear Ma'am Dom,

Good Day Ma'am Dom , I already arrived here in my workplace.  Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart. 

You have really made a difference for our family, and we will always appreciate it. Wishing you and your family all the best.


I really appreciate your great help.


Thank you again and God bless.  




We were privileged to work with the very competent and friendly team from Auckland Immigration. 

Domonique helped us as a family to immigrate to the beautiful New Zealand within 6 months!!  

All documentation including our CV preparation, EWRB registration and visa applications were handled by Domonique and her team. 

What we appreciated a lot, is that Domonique was always willing to help, give advise and communicate telephonically when needed. 

We would highly recommend the service of Auckland Immigration to any family considering to make the move to New Zealand.


What a wonderful country to live in!!


Thank you Auckland Immigration!

- The Jacobs family


I have found since we were recommended by one of your clients in South Africa, that the process of immigration has been made a lot easier.  The mere task of immigrating is a daunting task and certainly took special guidance and reassurance from professionals to help us through this decision.

I found Dom and her team to be fantastic friends and always deliver a professional service.  I can certainly recommend Dom and her team for immigration services to New Zealand.

- The Kerr family


From the moment we started with our immigration process in South Africa, Dom was there every step of the way.  She assisted with all the correct information.  She advised step by step what is to be done and when to be done. Dom’s prices were a lot more affordable, compared to another agent we had seen in Umhlanga (Durban)

With us being a family of five, with each member of the house hold scenarios being different, Dom still made us feel as if we were her only clients.  Not once did we feel that we weren’t her top priority.    

Dom even took the time to read my medical reports each time I had gone for an examination by the doctors.  She knew I had to increase my water intake, cut down on protein intake and the most important was to cut down on the smoking.

Telephone conversations thereafter, she would ask how it was going with the diet.  She would give me a few words of encouragement.  It gave me the peace of mind and confidence knowing that everything would work out just fine and that all the additional effort will all be worth it.

Dom is more than just an immigration agent,  she is a personal mentor as well.  Especially when you have three young adult children that have given up everything they knew in South Africa.

If you find working with Dom is an issue, then you’re the problem as it would be you not providing her the information she requires at the time.  She is a phenomenal woman.  

Thank you Dom


Mark & Daleen Willson


Myself and my partner contacted Dom the beginning of April to assist us with our immigration journey and from that day all was a breeze for us..

Dom assisted us every step of the way, anytime of the day!

We managed to be done and in New Zealand within 3 months of starting the process and it's all thanks to Dom!

- Tanna & Rudy


Hi Dom, 

Wow I have no words. You have made this process stress free and I am so happy I used you!! 

Kindest Regards 

Hiram Africa


Dear Dom,

There are no words to describe the feelings of elation and relief when you called to give us the good news that we have received our residency visas.

When my wife and I decided it was time to make New Zealand our home we were overwhelmed with all the information we needed to collect to make the application. 

After Auckland Immigration was referred to us by a trusted colleague and we had our first telephonic meeting with you, we knew we were in good and competent hands. We felt immediately at ease. You guided us every step of the way, you patiently answered all our questions and concerns and when it was crunch time you availed yourself at all hours of the day and night even whilst on holiday!

We are truly grateful for your commitment to our application, your noteworthy experience in dealing with Immigration New Zealand, your sound advice, excellent communication and friendly can-do attitude.

We highly recommend your services to future applicants.

Thanks again!
Best wishes and God Bless
Nicholas and Family (now SA Kiwis)


When our family decided to make the move from South Africa to New Zealand our initial thoughts was to do the Visa Applications on our own.  After doing research and coming across one horror story after the next we could see that was not going to work.

We did our research on a few agencies and due to the fact that Andrew required to start working asap we chose a company on our list without really checking everything out. After printing the forms ready to be signed, we got an email that night from the recruitment agency saying we MUST use Domonique at Auckland Immigration Services as she is THE BEST. We got hold of Domonique straight away and have never looked back. 

 Dom, you have honestly helped us in a way I can’t even explain. You made all the horror stories of how stressful it can be look like a piece of cake.  You were pleasant and professional to work with keeping us informed about everything along the way. THANK YOU so much, words cannot express how grateful we are. Thank you for making life easy in a stressful time! I will recommend you and your company forever and a day. You really are THE BEST IN THE BIZ :-)

Best wishes Andrew and Daphne Xoxo


I just wanted to say how happy I am with the out come of my Curriculum vitae. Your staff have worded it beautifully and I have no doubt that it will open into many opportunities for me in New Zealand.

I find that they completely get the full essence of me and how I work. I can't wait to see where this will take me. Look forward to more.

Hope your having a good day.

Warm regards from SA,
The Cornwell's


Aloha Domonique,

It's been a pleasure working on the Visa with you.

Better late then never and it's obviously forces out of our control. But your persistence is what made the difference.  From both of us, thank you very much.  We'll work together again when we  apply for residency.  In the meantime, I hope we get to meet each other in person sometime.

 "Mahalo" as we say here (thank you)
-Boris & Maria Huber


Wow wow wow!!!!!! To Domonique and team.  The service that I received from you (and your team) was superb.  You really put the SUPER in superb, from the very first time that we spoke till the time my visa was granted I have received nothing less than great service from you.

As a nervous first time traveler to a foreign country I was scared and did not no how I was going to handle getting all my paperwork etc in order , but you made it so easy and for that I am so grateful so thank you.

I will definitely recommend you and your company to any individual or family looking to get to New Zealand without a doubt.

- Arne Pretorius


There aren't enough words to describe how grateful and thankful we are to Domonique for everything she has done for us.

When we decided we wanted to apply for work visa's we really had no clue where to start or what was needed and quite frankly we were so stressed we wouldn't be able to do it at all.

Within the first conversation with her we already felt confident and excited to begin the process.  From the beginning she was helpful, friendly and very knowledgeable on everything immigration related.  With her expertise we had everything
completed and sent in less than a month.

She was always willing to speak to us and put up with our constant messaging while hubby was under pressure for his work visa and regularly checked up on our visa's, no matter what time of day or night, she was available.  She kept us at ease and went above and beyond to make sure all our documents were in order and up to date ensuring there were no possible delays in the process.

I must also mention how helpful her recommendations were not only with the immigration but everything NZ related, from job industries to even where to look for places to rent, her documents provide so much detail and answer all the questions one doesn't even think about at the time.

I will not hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for immigration services, she is an absolute star!
We will definitely be using her for our residency application once the time comes.

Thank you again Dom for everything you have done! We couldn't have done it without you!

- The Barratts


What an awesome experience it was to share this journey with Domonique, she was there not only as an adviser and agent but much more than that.  She went out of her way to help us and guide us, no words can describe how grateful we are towards her. 

Being thorough is her number one priority.  We had no delays in our visa process due to her having everything 100% from the get go.  She is always understanding and kind.

We will recommend her services to EVERYBODY.  We will forever be grateful.

- The de Bruyn family


Dom, I want to thank you for your attention and help during all this time. It felt like receiving a help from a good friend... not just a professional relationship. I appreciate it... from the bottom of my Brazilian heart!

- Rosemeire Oliveira


Laetetia, thank you for all your assistance!

You have greatly assisted with the alignment of my cover letter, cv and contents of my cv to NZ employers' expectations. In addition, your advice re the NZ marketplace and general advice regarding employment was invaluable.  I know that this resulted in my cv standing out from other, similar applications and I was invited for interviews and short-listed for one company and received (and accepted) an offer with another.

Again, your guidance and advise of how to conduct myself in an interview with potential New Zealand employers, was extremely useful. 

I am very grateful for your help to gain entrance into the New Zealand workforce.

I can honestly recommend Laetetia to anyone needing similar assistance.

- Charmaine Neuwenhuys


Using Domonique as our immigration agent was the best decision we have ever made!

After listening to so many people and their opinions, we tried applying for our visas ourselves. Not being successful and having more questions than answers, we contacted a few immigration agencies but none of them wanted to help us as we have already applied for our visas in our own capacity.

Charging us double or just not getting back to us at all…

Just as we were about to give up on living the New Zealand dream, we came across Domonique via a friend.

At last! Someone that was taking the time to listen to our dilemma, gave advice and understood exactly where we came from.

From the get go, Domonique and Sarah have been very efficient and helpful. Getting back to us regarding our questions as well as checking in on us on a regular basis. Keeping us up to date on every little detail which set our minds at ease and gave us a sense of relieve and trust.

We would not have made it to New Zealand if not for them. We will always highly recommend their services and forever be grateful for all their help, time and understanding.

Thank you again!

Gerhard & Jacilise Steenkamp


Domonique has been an absolute pleasure to work with. She is professional in every aspect of the process of emigrating. She replies to emails timeously and is happy to explain and re-explain anything until we fully understood it.

Even though she was going through a personal crisis, she made herself available to us at all times and ensured we had all of our documents and visas on time.

Dom is the reason that we have successfully arrived in New Zealand and without her we would still be in South Africa, trying to figure out what visa we needed to get. She has been such a blessing to us and we could never have asked for anyone better to help us. Not only does Dom assist with the formal immigration service but she is happy to help with all the other aspects of moving such as opening a bank account etc.

We will recommend Dom and Auckland Immigration Services to anyone who wants professional and exemplary service with the friendliest communication.

- Bergen & Claudio de Carvalho


Our experience with Domonique from Auckland Immigration Services was nothing short of exceptional. After expressing interest in using her service, she immediately sent us the list of required documents and forms. She was friendly, reliable, easy to contact and responded promptly to any questions we had regarding my partner’s Work Visa. She also kept us up to date with the process every step along the way. She was thorough in all her dealings and my partner received his visa in such a short space of time, without any hindrances (due to the thorough application she prepared, according to us!).

We will definitely recommend Domonique to any of our friends and family wanting fast, reliable and professional service and advice regarding immigration. We look forward to working with her again with our future visa and immigration applications. Thank you so much for the wonderful service, Domonique!

- Le-Andre & Steve Robinson


When my husband and I decided to make the big move from South Africa to New Zealand we very soon realized it was much easier said than done.  With both of us working full time we had limited time to do all the necessary research regarding the different visas etc.  We decided to employ the services of an immigration consultant and Domonique's services turned out to be not only more cost effective, but also of superior quality!

Domonique really simplified the process for us substantially.  She explained all our options and recommended the best ones based on our skills and work experience.  She was so supportive throughout the entire process and Skyped with us whenever we had questions or uncertainties.  She even went as far as guiding us with which websites to search for employment.  When we submitted our visa applications, with her assistance, both were accepted within a period of approximately 3 weeks! 

We are so thankful for all the support she has provided us with, without her I don't think we would've even known where to start!  Domonique is currently helping us with our Permanent Residence application which I know will once again be smooth sailing with her on board! Thanks Dom, you are great and thanks again for all your support and guidance!

 - Shalaine & Douglas Jackson


I would just like to thank you for the most efficient and peace of mind service I received from you these last three weeks. I was under extreme pressure to get my visa as my employer needed me to start ASAP. Not only did you handle this with ease but you kept my employer well informed and at ease that all was under control. Your communication with both of us was impeccable and helpful to put my mind at rest that you have total control at making my life changing opportunity possible.

I thank you for everything you have done this far and will insure we meet again when it comes to residency in the near future.

- Chad Smith


I approached Domonique because I needed help with my work visa application for immigration. Domonique helped me by personally assisting on what documentation was needed and gave me sound advice accordingly on the correct process. The result was excellent and efficient. One thing I liked was her thorough approach and knowledge of what needs to be done. I found the experience very professional and rewarding as my application was accepted thanks to all the great help.

I would highly recommend Domonique to people who need any immigration assistance, as I believe they will not be disappointed with her direct and attentive approach. Domonique will definitely guide you in the right direction and get things done. 

- Krystle Wallace

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