can i get points for my qualification or experience if it does not match my current job?

Posted on 2 November 2018

Can I get points for my qualification or experience if my qualification or experience dot not match my current job?

 In the case of a skilled migrant path to residency, immigration instructions allow your degree or diploma, even if not directly relevant to your current job, to count towards your points for residency if your work experience is relevant and sufficient to match your current job.  

For example, Jane has a degree in Accounting but has never worked as an Accountant.  Jane has worked in IT as a Programmer for 5+ years and her current job is in Web Development. 

Jane is able to claim points for her degree and still qualify as a skilled migrant in her current role having the 5+ years of relevant experience needed to substitute experience for the required IT qualification.

Similarly, Gale has worked as a Financial Manager for the past 4 years after she has gained her degree in Financial Management.  Prior to that she worked as a Project Manager for 6 years. 

Gale will be able to claim the 4 years experience as a Financial Manager since the experience was gained post qualification.  Gale can also claim 1 year experience as a Project Manager since 5 of the 6 years experience will be used as a substitute for a qualification as a Project Manager.

 Points calculation can be tricky.  Contact us to tailor an immigration plan for your unique situation.


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