7 Reasons why time is of the essence WHEN you plan to move to new zealand

Posted on 27 October 2018

Seven Reasons Why Time Is Of The Essence When Planning To Move To New Zealand

# 1.  The New Zealand immigration rules and landscape can and do change all the time and at any time to control supply and demand

Until recently permanent residence visa holders in New Zealand were able to sponsor their parents to become residents in New Zealand.   However, the past couple of years has seen New Zealand become a very popular immigration destination for many people from many countries. 

So big was the demand that house prices, especially in Auckland, have sky rocketed and have basically become unaffordable for the average New Zealander.   The government has since been forced to tighten the immigration rules to curb the influx of immigrants in an attempt to stem house price inflation.

The government is and will continue to monitor the situation and adjust the immigration requirements accordingly.  That means what is a window of opportunity today, may not exist tomorrow.

# 2.  People’s circumstances can and do change all the time and sometimes unexpectedly

I know of a case involving an unfortunate couple where one spouse was diagnosed with a terminal illness while in the process of applying for residency which immediately affected their chances of being approved for residency.  Fortunately for them they have engaged the services of a licensed immigration advisor from the start who helped them navigate and achieve a successful outcome through a different pathway.

# 3.  Foreign currency exchange rate changes

 Where a country is in economic decline, such as is currently the case in South Africa, the currency is likely to weaken against the New Zealand dollar making it less and less affordable for people to make the move across the seas.


 # 4.  New Zealand pension fund requirements

 At the time of writing, to be eligible for New Zealand Super (pension fund) you need to have been resident and living in the country for at least ten years.  The sooner you move, the sooner you can start accumulating the years needed to qualify for New Zealand Superannuation (pension).


# 5.  Get access to your pension sooner

 As soon as you have obtained residency, provided you meet certain requirements, you can get your pension paid out to you without having reached theretirement age.  Companies such as FinGlobal will be able to assist you with this if this applies to you.


# 6.  Children has to be under a certain age to be included in your application for New Zealand residency

 It is considerably easier for children to qualify for residency when they are included in their parents’ application.  This is only possible up to a certain age, above which they will have to apply for visas and residency in their own capacity.


# 7.  New Zealand citizenship gives you access to the Australian job market and the freedom to travel to many countries visa free

 After 5 years of being a resident of New Zealand, you can apply to become a New Zealand citizen.  A New Zealand passport opens many doors for you to visit other countries without the hassle and cost of visitor visas.

 What’s more, at the time of writing, New Zealand citizens have the ability to reside and work in Australia thanks to the Trans-Tasman Travel Arrangement which came into effect in 1973.

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