top 3 Tips for immigrating to new zealand

Posted on 20 October 2018

Top Three Tips For Immigrating To New Zealand

# 1.  Use a licensed immigration adviser

And I’m not just saying that because I am a licensed immigration adviser, even if you don’t use me, I highly recommend you work with a licensed immigration adviser to give you and your family the best chance of getting your visa and residency approved.  Once you had your visa or residency denied, your chances of being successful on the second attempt will be greatly reduced and it will be a lot more costly, not to mention the stress and heart ache that I have seen people in these circumstances go through.

 Immigration law and regulations are constantly changing which adds to the complexity of navigating the many requirements that need to be met.  Licensed immigration advisers have to renew their licenses every year which ensures they are up to date with the latest changes.

 Unfortunately, not all licensed immigration advisers are equal.  When you are deciding to sign up with a licensed immigration adviser, make sure they have a good reputation and a high rate of success.  Ask around for recommendations from friends and people who have been through the process.

# 2.  Absolutely do not quit your current job before you have a job offer in New Zealand

Don’t put yourself in a difficult position by quitting your job in the hope that you will easily find a job in New Zealand.  The process to find a job offer and then getting your visa application approved can often be a lengthy one depending on your experience and qualifications. 

Some people assume they will have enough points to qualify for residency once they have a job offer, only to realize that the points they have ‘awarded’ themselves turned out to be wishful thinking and based on misinformation from unreliable sources on social media such as Facebook groups.

# 3.  Focus on getting yourself settled in New Zealand first

 Oftentimes people get stressed out about things such as what stuff to bring over to New Zealand or worrying about getting the house sold.  And these things are important but don’t let these become distractions in achieving your most important goal which is getting yourself to New Zealand. 

From what I have observed, those who have had the smoothest transition to New Zealand, were those people and families who allowed themselves to settle into their new lives in New Zealand first and only after they have secured jobs for themselves and armed with a better understanding of the new environment, returned to their country to wrap everything up. 

If we had waited until we sold our house in South Africa before we had taken action more than 10 years ago, we would have delayed our move by at least 2 years at which point the window of opportunity that existed could have been lost.  You can always rent out your house while you are getting things sorted in New Zealand. 

Besides, the New Zealand lifestyle is one that is focused and geared towards outdoor activities spent with family and friends at the beach or in any one of the many well-maintained public gardens or parks and the size of houses is a reflection this.   Many South Africans end up selling half or most of their belongings that they shipped over as it simply did not fit or did not suit their new lifestyle here.  


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