can i get points for my qualification or experience if it does not match my current job?

Posted 2 November 2018

Can I get points for my qualification or experience if my qualification or experience dot not match my current job?


In the case of a skilled migrant path to residency, immigration instructions allow your degree or diploma, even if not directly relevant to your current job...  

7 Reasons why time is of the essence WHEN Planning to move to new zealand

Posted 27 October 2018

Seven Reasons Why Time Is Of The Essence When Planning To Move To New Zealand:

# 1.  The New Zealand immigration rules and landscape can and do change all the time and at any time to control supply and demand

Until recently permanent residence visa holders in New Zealand were able to sponsor their parents to become residents in New Zealand.   However, the past couple of years...

Top 3 tips for immigrating to new zealand

Posted 20 October 2018

Top Three Tips For Immigrating To New Zealand:

# 1.  Use a licensed immigration adviser

And I’m not just saying that because I am a licensed immigration adviser, even if you don’t use me, I highly recommend you work with a licensed immigration adviser to give you and your family the best chance of getting your visa and residency approved.  Once you had your visa or residency denied...

Bringing your beloved pet with you

Posted 13 October 2018

The law changed a few years ago and it’s only 10 days for pets (cats / dogs) to remain in quarantine in NZ (as opposed to 4 months back in 2008 when we moved over!). It’s well worth considering to bring your pet...


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