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Dom Roelofse

Dom Roelofse established Auckland Immigration Services in 2015 after she completed the Bay of Plenty Polytechnic’s Graduate Certificate in New Zealand Immigration Advice (GCNZIA) cum laude in 2015 and became a Licensed Immigration Adviser (full license).

Dom immigrated to NZ in 2008 and has experienced personally what it entails to make the “big move” to another country. She knows NZ to be a country of many opportunities, and has successfully established and run a number of small businesses in NZ, in conjunction with working for large corporates.

Dom has a background in Business Process Engineering (Organisation) as well as Information Technology, specializing in Development, Business Analysis and Project Management. Dom's background in Project Management allows her to apply her knowledge, skills and experience to achieve the objectives of each client and the varying plans while mitigating the risks involved to achieve the best outcome for each client in the required time.

Dom understands the intricacies involved in immigration pathways and the varying needs of clients. She strongly believes in personal service and understands the importance of getting the correct visa for the end goal of each individual and family. She has established the business to ensure maximum efficiency for each application, while maintaining the personal touch.

In addition to the Graduate Certificate in NZ Immigration Advice, Dom holds Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Commerce (Business Management) degrees.

Laetetia Roelofse

Laetetia Roelofse immigrated to NZ in 2012 from South Africa. Her background is in Corporate Management & Training and she has been involved in Project Management, Transformation and Client Services & Performance Improvement in NZ. Laetetia holds degrees in Teaching, Psychology, a Bachelor of Commerce and a MBA.

Laetetia, as Office & Liaison Manager of Auckland Immigration Services, is responsible for providing support within the business, liaising with AIS Clients and engaging with recruitment agencies and other key stakeholders.

Laetetia’s role also allows AIS to offer auxiliary services to their clients in the form of NZ CV compilation, interview preparation and ensuring our clients are best equipped for potential offers in the market place.

Sarah Kennerley

Sarah is a fully Licensed Immigration Adviser, who is passionate and dedicated to helping clients achieve their New Zealand dreams. During her profession, Sarah has helped hundreds of clients to obtain their resident visas, work visas and other types of visas. Apart from her profession, Sarah is a migrant herself. She came to New Zealand in 2010 and has gone through the application process herself to obtain her residency. Sarah is therefore very familiar with the process required to obtain residency, and with her experience as an immigration adviser, knows how to best advocate for her clients.

Sarah offers customised advice and solutions based on your particular circumstances.

Winnie Fan

Born in Hong Kong, studied in UK since the age of 10 before moving to New Zealand as a teenager, Winnie originally had a secure marketing career in Hong Kong.  But for the sake of her kids’ education returned to New Zealand in 2018 so that they can learn and enjoy their childhood with minimal pressure.

Winnie watched the protests and injustice unfold in Hong Kong from her peaceful home in New Zealand and felt a great sense of helplessness.  By late 2019, she found her purpose and set her goal to become a Licensed Immigration Adviser, with the aim to offer her services to immigrants in need.

"I genuinely want to help you find a way to this beautiful country, so that you too, can call this place home."

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